Open Water Swimming has something for each swimmer. For the highly competitive swimmer, there is the contest of how fast the swimmer can navigate the course. For the recreational swimmer, it is the time to enjoy the fresh taste of the water, to enjoy the lake or ocean. For the new swimmer it there is a challenge of navigation or knowing where you are on the course and chosing the right course.

In open water swimming there are bouys to let you know where the course is. There are turn bouys to let you know where to turn. And there is the finish line. Sometimes there are cross winds or currents, so you plan your course.

These swims are part of the Open Water Points Competition will be kept up to date so you can check your standing. The Points competition is considered unofficial.

You must be a member of Pacific Masters to participate in these swims. You can register on line, then register for the swim

Swimwear for Open Water

There are 2 categories.

Category 1


Category 2 ( other swimwear and wetsuits)


Rules for both Categories 


From: USMS Open Water/Long Distance Rules