Open Water Swimming has something for each swimmer. For the highly competitive swimmer, there is the contest of how fast the swimmer can navigate the course. For the recreational swimmer, it is the time to enjoy the fresh taste of the water, to enjoy the lake or ocean. For the new swimmer it there is a challenge of navigation or knowing where you are on the course and chosing the right course.

In open water swimming there are bouys to let you know where the course is. There are turn bouys to let you know where to turn. And there is the finish line. Sometimes there are cross winds or currents, so you plan your course.

These swims are part of the Open Water Points Competition which will be kept up to date on this website so you can check your standing. The Points competition is considered unofficial until approved by the Open Water Committee Chair. You can still check out last years (2014) points.

You must be a member of Pacific Masters to participate in these swims. You can register on line, then register for the swim.


2015's open water swims

Due to this year’s drought conditions, please check this page regularly.  It's possible some swims may have to be canceled or moved to accommodate the lack of water. This page will be updated if the venue changes or a race is cancelled due to the water level or quality.

This year the magic number is 6. Your top six finishes count toward the 2015 open water point competition. Remember, if swims are cancelled that number could be adjusted.

The Open Water Points competition has two divisions for the two different types of suits. Here is the link to the rule: swim suit rules. Please review them before leaving for the open water swim. Please also note that no tape (spider tapes, bandages, duct tape, etc…) is allowed in either category.
Only Open Water Points scored with Category One suits will count toward Swimmer of the Year.

Open Water Point Standings.

Saturday, May 16
Spring Lake
One Mile
500 M (RCM) Swimmer

A one mile loop. Water temp is normally in the mid 60’s. There are some weeds. This swim is always very well run; they will have you out of there by 11:00 am, even if you stay for the awards. Parking is easy. Nice green lawn to sit on. Post event snacks provided.

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Saturday, June 6 Lake Berryessa
Lake Berryessa

1 & 2 mile (DAM)

The DAM Lake Berryessa swim is a classic in its 32nd run! The 2015 swim will continue to be held at the new venue - Steele Canyon Campground, near the junction of highways 128 and 121. This venue features plenty of off-street parking and campsites available for the weekend. The water is clean and comfortable and the weather is, more often than not, fine!

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Saturday, June 13-14
5K and 10K
(The 10 K is the
USMS 6-9 Mile National Championship )
Sunday, June 14,
1.0 Mile and 2.5K
(The 1 Mile is the
USMS One Mile National Championship)
Lake Del Valle

This year, the Lake Del Valle event will start on Saturday with a 5K/10K. The swims will run at the same time. You have to pre-register for the 10K and be able to meet the 3 ½ hour cut off time to swim the event.  On Sunday, the 1 K and the 2.5K will be held.  If you’re new to open water swimming, try the 1 K swim.   It’s run first.  For a good workout, do both.  Plenty of parking.  A good place to bring the kids:  they have a roped off swimming area.  Post event snacks provided

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Saturday, August 1
40th Annual Roughwater Swim
1 mile (CRUZ)
Sunday, August 2
Cruz Cruise
2 miles (CRUZ)

The Saturday 1 mile ocean swim goes around the Santa Cruz pier. The Sunday 2 mile ocean swim goes around the same pier, loops around the other side and comes back. The water is  usually 58-61 degrees! Both are fun and very popular swims even if you’re numb. The Saturday swim is one of the bigger events and is started in two waves: under 40 years old and 40 years old and over. The Sunday swim is smaller and very low key; it is NOT for novice swimmers.
For both swims bring lots of quarters for the street parking meters ($1.00/hour). Or walk a long way. You may want to bring a chair if you don’t like sitting on a sandy beach. On Saturday there is no post event food, but there are plenty of restaurants right there. On Sunday there will be plenty of warm beverages and snacks at the finish.

The Saturday swim starts at 11am and often the fog has lifted by then. The Sunday swim starts at 8:30am and is usually foggy. (On the bright side parking meters are not checked until 10AM so if you swim fast you can park for free!) Since the water is +/- 60 degrees it's important to stay warm: wear a thermal cap and ear plugs and don’t stop to look around while you are out there. Keep moving and have fun!
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Saturday, August 15
Donner Lake
2.7 miles (SNM)

One of the longest swims of the season. The start is at the east end of the lake and the finish is at the west end. If you drive along the shore of the lake you will marvel at how far you will swim. The swim is limited to 350 swimmers and is known to quickly fill its entry limit. Enter early if you wish to swim the Donner Lake Open Water Swim. BBQ chicken lunch included in your entry fee and there are post event snacks to stave off hunger before lunch. Free shuttle buses run between the start and the finish. Swimmers are given a plastic bag at the start to hold their sweats. It will be transported to the finish for you.

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Sunday, September 13 (note the corrected date)
Whiskeytown Lake
1 & 2 mile (RAD)

Whiskeytown Lake is just outside Redding so plan to drive up the day before. This is a beautiful lake. There’s a nice shady picnic area and beach so bring the family. This event is in the early fall and the weather can be either chilly or hot. The lake is a bit cooler than Berryessa (think mid to high 60’s). If you plan to do both the 1- and 2-mile events, be prepared to feel a little cold at the start of the 2-mile. Post event snacks.

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Saturday, September 26 Keller Cove
Keller Cove Pt. Richmond, SF Bay
½ mile,
1 mile, &
2 miles

This is the final event of the OW season; last chance to pile-up those points!  Only SF Bay swim on the calendar, in protected cove at Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline.   ½, 1 and 2-mile distances run concurrently in waves – take your pick.  Expected water temp 62 to 64 degrees.  Start and finish on a sandy beach with sweeping views of The City, Golden Gate, Angel Island, Mt. Tam and more!  Great spectator opportunities.  Lively race announcer!  Hot shower on the beach!  Free parking.  Post-race picnic at the park, or check out shops and restaurants in Point Richmond historic district, 5-minute walk from the beach.  Finish the 2015 OW season with a flourish!

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